Dark Islanders (Short film)

Dark Islanders is operating with a 2,5D-approach to flatness and depth related to a new perception of space and body. Volumetric Video offers the chance for a second lens to enter and navigate the scene. What is revealed is a vision strafed with blind spots and occlusions, one in which the viewer is lift to navigate a non-space of thick inky black. The audience is invited not only to get “behind the scene”, but even “behind the screen” or “behind the skin”, an inside-out experience of the human body.

Dark Islanders is the single-channel and voice-over short film version of Dark Optics & Thick Film (Installation).
[show id=’1590′ columns=’1′ main_size=’full’ tile_size=’full’ style=’masonry’] Dark Islanders
Short film, 2020, 6 min, color stereo

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