O≡Cyan (in progress)

The term Cyan is derived from the Ancient Greek kyanos, meaning “dark blue” colour which phenomenologically appears as a greenish vibrant hue of blue. Similar borderline terms are blue green, aqua, and turquoise. The color cyan with its typical green-blue color, as well as connected substances, organisms and techniques are the central starting point. Cyan

Horizontal Transfer

Projektet med det övergripande arbetsnamnet Horizontal Transfer utgör en växande flora av transdisciplinära experiment, materiella undersökningar och konstnärliga processer som kretsar kring nya sätt att tänka, göra och bli med andra livsformer. I fokus står transgena utbyten och symbiotiska artöverskridanden av det förment mänskliga till icke- och mer-än-mänskliga varelser – på en gång begär efter,

The Double Nature of Culture (Work in Progress)

Horizontal transfer In my practice photographic and moving images have operated as a medium connected to issues of (self)representation and observation, investigating (in)visible power relations in narrative formats. Throughout several projects the symbolic, bio-political, social, economic and cultural aspects of donation have been at the core of my interest. The interdisciplinary relation between art and

deCODE doNATION (in Progress)

Mapping the involuntary donation of human DNA in Iceland A donation is a gift in every sense of the word, often regarded as a selfless good and expected to be voluntary, for free and anonymous, although it may raise various ethical, existential and even economical questions. In the residency research project deCODE doNATION at SIM

Gifted Men

The three-channel film installation Gifted Men (2015, 67 min) deals with the commercial distribution of semen in Denmark from the perspective of anonymous donors. Gifted Men is the result of a multidisciplinary research-based artistic project on donation practices.