Dark Optics and Thick Film – Volumetric Video

Collaboration project by Joel Hurlburt & Timo Menke (2017-present)

In the ongoing project Dark Optics and Thick Film, we have been operating with a 2,5D-approach to flatness and depth related to a new perception of space and body. Volumetric Video, the term used for the techniques applied in this project, offers the chance for a second lens to enter and navigate the scene. What is reviled is a vision strafed with blind spots and occlusions, one in which the viewer is lift to navigate a non-space of thick inky black. The audience is invited not only to get “behind the scene”, but even “behind the screen” or “behind the skin”, an inside-out experience of the human body.
The project is based on Depthkit, a creative toolset for Volumetric Filmmaking. Depthkit captures the world in depth and color, ready for immersive experiences for XR, and distinctive content for film and video by adding 3D capture to the content production workflows.
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