deCODE doNATION (in Progress)

Mapping the involuntary donation of human DNA in Iceland A donation is a gift in every sense of the word, often regarded as a selfless good and expected to be voluntary, for free and anonymous, although it may raise various ethical, existential and even economical questions. In the residency research project deCODE doNATION at SIM

Gifted Men

The three-channel film installation Gifted Men (2015, 67 min) deals with the commercial distribution of semen in Denmark from the perspective of anonymous donors. Gifted Men is the result of a multidisciplinary research-based artistic project on donation practices.

There is a Visitor #13 – A special project at the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2013

There is a Visitor #13 – Footnotes in the State Darwin Museum Moscow [nslider sid=372] Featuring artists and participants: Nils Agdler, Conny Blom, Jon Brunberg, Jens Comén, Jakob Eklund, Markus Ernehed, Mikael Granlöf, Helena Granström, Ann Korzhova, Elin Magnusson, Timo Menke, Magnus Petersson, Dmitri Plax, Benjamin Quigley, Helene Ringberg, Anastasia Ryabova, Imri Sandström, Alex Shiriaieff,

En annan ordning

En annan ordning Konsthall C Hökarängen, Stockholm 25.10. — 30.11. 2008 Medverkande konstnärer: Nils Agdler & Timo Menke, Magnus Bärtås/Camilla Ed, Sten Eklund, Carl Johan Erikson, Ellen S Holtskog, Lina Persson, Anna Ridderstad, Judi Werthein och Jeremy Deller. Om utställningen Om industrialiseringen, upplysningen och vad som kan sammanfattas som det moderna projektet innebar en avförtrollning

BLICK: New Nordic Film & Video 2001

BLICK was organized by curators from: NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Helsinki and Moderna Museet, Stockholm. The film work Der Konfabulator was part of the BLICK tour 2001. BLICK provides access to new Nordic film and video work that is being produced by emerging artists. As the result of an open submission process advertised

SHOOT Moving Pictures by Artists, 2000

SHOOT Moving Pictures by Artists started as an International Video and Filmfestival at Malmö Konsthall and cinema Spegeln in Malmö 12-17 February 2000. Initiated by Marit Lindberg, Åsa Maria Bengtsson and Lisa Strömbeck. The video work Der dritte Raum/Det 3:e rummet featured as part of an extensive programme of screenings, talks and presentations. The festival

Der Konfabulator

[nslider sid=348] Mini-DVD and Super-8 1997, 6:35 min Language: German Subtitles: English A true story about fathers and sons by Timo Menke. This work has toured extensively with BLICK: New Nordic Film & Video 2001.

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