Pandemic Guided Tour – Offspring Sätrakogen

Pandemic Guided Tour is developed as a performative art walk along selected works of art, in response to the restrictions during the covid-19 quarantine in most museums, eventually leading to virtual views online. The Pandemic Guided Tour, performed in a camouflage-contagious outfit waving the Yellow Jack (Quarantine flag) is rooted in the script From pandemic to pancratic – Draft of a manual for quarantine as governance on the viral conditions of cultural production during quarantine, and how the pandemic infects, transforms and mutates society, politics and culture, featuring a pandemic pan flute soundtrack.

Cinematography: Svante Larsson
Thanks to Annika Jönsson, Annika Thörn Legzdins & Johan Willner

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Offspring i Sätraskogen placeringskarta
Offspring i Sätraskogen placeringskarta

Shows and Screenings

Title Venue Country From To
Offspring i Sätraskogen “link” Sätraskogen Naturreservat Sweden 2020-05-21 2020-06-12