Redovisning stipendium för internationellt kulturutbyte och resebidrag inom bild och form, Coalesce BioArt Lab Buffalo 2017

IASPIS Dnr KN 2016/8165 Timo Menke Användning av resebidraget och genomförande av arbetet Syftet med arbetsvistelsen på Coalesce Center for Biological Arts[1] som är en del av GEM[2] på University of Buffalo (NY, USA) var att utveckla ett avancerat konstnärligt projekt med bas i en genetisk människa-växt-donation. Coalesce erbjuder en exklusiv miljö för att arbeta konstnärligt med

The Double Nature of Culture (Work in Progress)

Horizontal transfer In my practice photographic and moving images have operated as a medium connected to issues of (self)representation and observation, investigating (in)visible power relations in narrative formats. Throughout several projects the symbolic, bio-political, social, economic and cultural aspects of donation have been at the core of my interest. The interdisciplinary relation between art and

Proposal for Coalesce BioArt Lab Residency Project

The double nature of culture: Radical human-plant donation Project description (500 words) [nslider sid=201] According to a study in 2015 from Clear Labs[1], 2% of all tested hot dogs contained human DNA; probably from saliva, body fluids or traces of skin in the food processing chain, but reported with a juicy undertone of cannibalism. Another

deCODE doNATION (in Progress)

Mapping the involuntary donation of human DNA in Iceland A donation is a gift in every sense of the word, often regarded as a selfless good and expected to be voluntary, for free and anonymous, although it may raise various ethical, existential and even economical questions. In the residency research project deCODE doNATION at SIM

Gifted Men

The three-channel film installation Gifted Men (2015, 67 min) deals with the commercial distribution of semen in Denmark from the perspective of anonymous donors. Gifted Men is the result of a multidisciplinary research-based artistic project on donation practices.